Our staff & facilities

We are a family run practice with a small close-knit team of five, so you can guarantee you will always see the same faces when you visit. Tony Everitt, the senior vet, has been running the practice for over 35 years and now runs it alongside his son Jonathan, a registered veterinary nurse and the practice manager.

Andrius and Lina are husband and wife and both qualified veterinary surgeons. They joined us in 2014 having previously seen practice at Bentley Road and will hopefully be with us for many more years to come. James also joined us early in 2014 and is now and indispensable part of the practice and will usually be your first port of call when you get to reception.

Willow is our three legged practice cat and is well known and loved (and sometimes feared) by many clients – she loves to say hello to other cats in carriers and to tease dogs in the waiting room when she can get away with it. We all have our own pets (18 dogs, 5 cats, 2 snakes a bird and many fish between us and counting) and will be more than happy to introduce you or subject you to pictures should you ask!


Tony Everitt BVSc (hons) MRCVS


Jonathan Everitt BSc MSc RVN (and Penny)


Andrius Gudaitis DVM MRCVS


Lina Gudaitiene DVM MRCVS (and Dexter)


James Goodhead (and Willow!)

Our practice is formed from two terraced houses knocked together – we have a large, brightly lit waiting area where you can buy leads, toys, accessories etc. whilst you wait. We also have a separate cat waiting area and can usually offer you a private room if your pet isn’t good with other people or animals.

Waiting Room

We have two rooms in the back for kenneling patients so we can keep your cat or rabbit separate from noisy dogs if needs be. We have the most modern lab equipment available for our in-house laboratory and can run biochemistry and haematology in less than 10 minutes to diagnose illnesses or just check everything is working well before giving certain drugs or undergoing anaesthesia.


We also have a fabulous x-ray set-up with a moving table that lets us position pets without banging them around and a computed developing system that lets us transfer x-rays digitally from the x-ray plate straight to our computer so that we can access them and show them to you anywhere in the practice.


We have a very spacious & well lit operating theater with a full range of anaesthetic circuits suitable for the smallest hamster to the largest dog.

All anaesthetics are monitored using Capnography and we only use Sevoflurane to maintain our patients under anaesthesia, which is the agent of choice for anaesthesia in human babies. Please click here for more information.