Practice health plan

Our practice health plan is a monthly direct debit which allows you to spread to cost of your routine healthcare throughout the year at a discounted price and also entitles you to certain discounts on other treatment.

Prices (based on the predicted adult weight of your pet):

Cat – £15.50 per month

Small dog (<7.5kg) – £17.50 per month

Medium dog (7.5-15kg) – £19.50 per month

Large dog (15-30kg) – £21.50 per month

Extra large dog (30-45kg) – £24.00 per month

Giant dog (45-60kg) – £24.00 per month

If you wish to take out the plan but need a full course of vaccines (e.g. for a puppy or kitten) you will receive the full course at half price.

The plan covers:

•Annual booster vaccinations

•Kennel cough vaccine for dogs

•6 month health checks in between boosters

•One free consultation for a problem per year

•Year round flea, worm & tick cover

•10% discount on all in-house treatment including surgeries, diagnostic test & imaging, medications etc

•25% off Nutravet range – includes support for arthritis, liver damage, cystitis, skin conditions and anxiety

•25% off nail clipping and anal gland expression

•25% discount on pet food –  including prescription diets (e.g. urinary, gastrointestinal & renal diets) and standard pet food. Please get in touch if you’d like us to check the availability of your pet’s normal diet.

  • The health plan is a 12 month minimum contract and prices may be subject to change in the future. There is a one-off direct debit setup fee of £5 with the first direct debit collection only. Further information is available on request from the practice.

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