Practice health plan

Our practice health plan is a monthly direct debit which allows you to spread to cost of your routine healthcare throughout the year at a discounted price and also entitles you to certain discounts on other treatment.

Prices (based on the predicted adult weight of your pet):

Cat – £13 per month

Small dog (<7.5kg) – £14.50 per month

Medium dog (7.5-15kg) – £16 per month

Large dog (15-30kg) – £17.50 per month

Extra large dog (30-45kg) – £19 per month

Giant dog (45-60kg) – £19 per month

If you wish to take out the plan but need a full course of vaccines (e.g. for a puppy or kitten) you will receive the full course at half price – £15 for a dog or £17.50 for a cat.

To set up the plan and immediately receive all the benefits for a puppy, kitten or older pet who requires a full course due to lapsed vaccines you will therefore pay between £29.50 and £34 depending on your pet’s breed followed by the monthly price from the following month onward.

The plan covers:

•Annual booster vaccinations

•Kennel cough vaccine for dogs

•6 month health checks in between boosters

•One free consultation for a problem per year

•Year round flea, worm & tick cover

•10% discount on all in-house treatment including surgeries, diagnostic test & imaging, medications etc

•25% off Nutravet range – includes support for arthritis, liver damage, cystitis, skin conditions and anxiety

•25% off nail clipping and anal gland expression

•Cost price food through the practice – either from our veterinary wholesaler or from the cash and carry. Either way we sell it to you at the price we buy it for. Includes prescription diets (e.g. urinary, gastrointestinal & renal diets)

  • The health plan is a 12 month minimum contract and prices may be subject to change in the future. There is a one-off direct debit setup fee of £5 with the first direct debit collection only. Further information is available on request from the practice.

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