As of 24/03 on advice from our governing body we are trying to limit appointments to only those that are absolutely necessary. Please contact us on 01302 785549 if you wish to make an appointment so that we can discuss whether we need to see you immediately or whether this is something which can be deferred until a safer time.

During this time we are only able to admit one person (or 2 persons who live together) to the practice at any one time. Please contact us by phone when you arrive for your appointment so that we can call you in for your appointment when ready.

If you are self isolating due to symptoms of coronavirus please arrange for a friend or relative who is not self isolating to bring your pet to the practice if we need to see you. If you are not able to visit the practice and require ongoing medication please contact us to discuss whether we can arrange postage or delivery of medication to ensure you do not run out.

If possible please also make arrangements to pay by card rather than cash.

There is currently no evidence that pets can transmit this strain of coronovirus to humans – please see the WHO’s current advice for further information or updates on this. It is however theoretically possible that an infected person could transfer the virus onto a pets fur as with any other object so we would encourage you to try avoiding petting animals you don’t know and to wash your hands well before and after handling any pets.

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