COVID-19 Updates

We are currently able to offer most services but please be aware that there may be a longer wait time than normal for non emergency appointments. To discuss an appointment please call us on 01302 785549.

We require all our clients to adhere to social distancing guidelines in order to protect our staff and clients.

We require clients to adhere to these rules beyond 19/07/21 as our health and safety policy has not changed. Please observe the following when you come for your appointment:

• Be prepared to wait outside or in your car until we are ready for you – please either ring the doorbell or ideally phone us to let us know you are waiting.

• Wear a face covering to cover your mouth and nostrils. Please note that there are no exceptions to this rule. If you have a medical reason that you cannot wear a mask or young children that cannot wear a mask then we will not be able to permit you access to the building. We will still be able to treat your pet but you will need to wait outside and we will speak to you over the phone where necessary.

• Attend the practice as a group of 2 or less where possible.

Do your best to remain 2 metres away from staff member or any other clients waiting outside. Please be aware that we will need to ask you to wait outside the consulting room whilst we examine your pet – you will be able to see and converse with the vet but will need to remain at a safe distance.

If you are self isolating due to symptoms of coronavirus please arrange for a friend or relative who is not self isolating to bring your pet to the practice.

Pay by card if at all possible.

For collections of medication, parasite treatments, food etc. please come between 1pm and 3pm on a weekday so that we are able to assist you quickly without crossover between clients waiting for appointments (home delivery of medication is available where appropriate.)

There is currently no evidence that pets can transmit this strain of coronovirus to humans – please see the WHO’s current advice for further information or updates on this. It is however theoretically possible that an infected person could transfer the virus onto a pets fur as with any other object so we would encourage you to try avoiding petting animals you don’t know and to wash your hands well before and after handling any pets.

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